How To Make Your Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable

Exploring new places on your motorcycle may seem like a good idea, until you inevitably have to take a break due to a splitting pain on your bum. Many a times, stock motorcycle seats are made to look good. Matching the profiles of the motorcycle, rather than provide rider comfort.

Most of the time, the discomfort is due to either the foam being too soft, resulting in the rider coming in direct contact with the seat pan, or having a seat profile that just doesn’t sit right.

Let’s take a look at a few options that can help to make your ride more enjoyable!

Air Cell Seat Cushions

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Air cell cushions help to eliminate pressure points by utilizing interconnected air cells, which allows the riders weight to be more evenly distributed. The constant transfer of air within the cells also helps to promote blood flow and reduce numbness.

These cushions are easily installed, they are usually simply strapped atop the existing motorcycle seat, allowing for ease of access for cleaning or installation on another motorcycle.

Gel Inserts

Unlike air cell cushions, gel inserts require the original foam on your seat to be modified. Gel inserts help to prevent direct contact to the seat pan and also reduces the amount of vibration from the seat.

Aftermarket Seats

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These seats can get quite costly as they are usually made to order. Most aftermarket seats use denser foam than stock seats and are also shaped specifically with the comfort of the rider in mind. However, the profile of these seats are usually not customized individually for each and everyone. Thus your mileage may vary when opting to change to an aftermarket seat.


A cheaper alternative to an aftermarket seat replacement, is to visit an upholstery shop that specializes in motorcycle seats. Some of these places also provide services to replace and reshape the foam of the seat specifically to your needs.

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